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Our One Heart

 A 9-month exploration
Jessica Rose & Brent Swift 

Are you ready to say "yes" to life?

How you show up in the world makes a difference!

Your unique gifts are needed on the planet right now!

Come and attune your heart, mind and body to the Essential Sound that helps us remember the truth of who we are. When we show up in our fullness, we become a living transmission of self-love, compassion, kindness, truth, authenticity, sovereignty and more; we become a living invitation for each person we encounter to awaken those qualities. Join me for this course and become the living invitation for the world, by truly being you! 

This course will support you to:

Say "yes" to life

Begin trusting life as a teacher and everything as an expression of Source. When we cease battling ourselves and our current reality, peaceful new ways of being appear. 

Free Your Passion

Transform and liberate your life-force energy that has been stored as self-limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns and reactive emotions. 

Cultivate a consistent home practice

Experience how regular chanting and/or contemplation can help you restore your energy, remember who your truly are and create resiliency in the midst of life's initiatory challenges.  This is an incredible opportunity to explore a daily practice while supported by conscious community.

Expand Self-Love

Cultivate an approach of loving kindness and attune to your inherent worthiness. Embrace your body as a sacred vessel and acknowledge the innate wisdom within.  

Embody your potential

Explore sacred sound formulas/ Shabads/ mantras to vibrate specific frequencies in your body.  As you vibrate this within, you naturally transmit out and attract that frequency to you. 

Learn to Listen

 We are not separate from Source and within us resounds great wisdom.  Learn how to listen to your own intuitive knowing. Thru dyad practices, learn how to truly listen to another.  Thru chanting and the space between the sounds, learn how to listen to Consciousness.

Embrace your unique voice

No singing experience required, at all!

Learn practices to strengthen and connect to your voice.  Chant powerful sound formulas/ mantras/Shabads and directly experience the teachings encoded within


 Share your gifts more fully. Attune to the blessings of serving and recognize you have something valuable to offer. 

Calm an over-stimulated nervous system

 Exhale, let go and attune to greater spaciousness. Transition from a fight/ flight/ freeze reaction to a state of rest and responsiveness.  When our system feels safe, our perceptive awareness expands.  This expanded perspective allows for creative, new responses, beyond historical reactivity and defense.


Course Dates & Times:

This Powerful 9 Month Program begin in September.

2nd Saturday of each month: 12-6 PM (in person)

4th Wednesday of each month: 7-9 PM (virtual)

(Sunday cohort may be offered, enrolment dependent)



Please use the following link to register. 

Meet Jessica

 Meet Jessica Rose, D.C. 

Jessica is honored to serve as a guide on this journey.  She has been teaching since 2002, in private holistic chiropractic practice since 2004 and offering sound healing since 2009.  Jessica volunteered health care services for seven months in Central America in 2013 and currently serves on the board of a non-profit, Empowerment for Girls.  Her passion for Truth has lead her to study with many amazing teachers, to whom she is deeply grateful.  Jessica is co-creator of and teacher at Awakening to Wholeness: The School of Embodied Energetics.  

Jessica began mantra practice at age 16 when studying with Tibetans monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastary.  Jessica's love of devotional music manifested as her band, the Holy Oly Girls, and inspired her to co-create Sounds of the Sacred, a regular kirtan offering at Unity of Olympia.  She is humbled and honored to have sound move thru her with  harmonium, guitar and voice.  Recently, she has studied with Snatam Kaur and the Shabad Guru, and exalts Sound as a Beloved Teacher. 

Jessica embodies a true sweetness and full-hearted love that reminds others hearts what they are capable of.  Since the age of 7, she has engaged in shamanic practices and earth and goddess based ritual.  Deepening her shamanic studies, she was certified as an advanced shapeshifting practitioner and received initiatory Nusta Karpay (Divine Feminine) rites.  Jessica has studied for nine years with Kim Lincoln at Terrain of Essence School and trained in many healing arts techniques including NeuroEmotional Technique, Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration.  She feels deeply blessed by this precious life and to be the mother of her incredible 13 year old son.

Jessica loves and is devoted to the One in All

and desires for everyone to know themselves as this Preciousness.  


Experience Belonging

Experience the blessing of coming together as spiritual community.  We will gather for the weekend portion of our course at Beloved Sanctuary,140 acres of sacred land in West Olympia.  We will connect, learn, grow, evolve, sing, support each other and create community.  Classes will be held in the gallery teaching space surrounded by beautiful art and we will have the pleasure of entering the deep resonant chamber of the Starlit Hall to connect thru sound. On breaks, you are welcome to enjoy walks on this sacred ground

We will connect to additional unseen community and supports in walking meditation,

guided journeys and communion with the land.


This is a safe container and all are welcome exactly as they are. 

3449 Regal Park Lane SW

Olympia, WA 98512

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