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A 9-month exploration of Being & Becoming
with Brent Swift & Jessica Rose         October 2024 - June 2025



A warm welcome to you, as we come together to explore evolutionary ways of being human together. The great shift underway in our shared humanity is an opportunity to open to our intraconnectivity, expanding us beyond our current understanding and experiences of who and what we are as separate. The exploration of our evolving Life, that which changes, is a continuous opportunity to experience the stability of that which is unchanging, the ground of our being, always here, always now. 


Just as the river flows to its ocean home, the ocean of consciousness we are remains, ever-present, even as new ways of returning to or evolving ways of experiencing Self emerge. The synchronous awareness of: that which changes and that which is unchanging, existence and evolution, our unified  and unique self, being and becoming, opens an expansive multidimentional perspective. We perceive beyond the ordinary as we behold both the extraordinary and mundane in unison, revealing the love that weaves it all.

The heart is the first organ to form in the human body.

Together we will learn to navigate and attend to our group heart, and

be part of the miracle as a shared evolutionary body of our becoming emerges through and as us. 






Join us on the adventure of  Our Awakening 

Be part of this unique and unified body of becoming

as an evolving template for a new humanity, a new world in harmony.

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This course supports:

Everpresent Simplicity


 Surrender the stories of suffering and separation, allowing yourself to stabilize into the simplicity of ever-presence, always available now. 

Say "Yes" to Life

Begin trusting life as a teacher and everything as an expression of Source. When we cease battling ourselves and our current reality, we recognise the stable, peaceful, ever-present ground of being. 

Embody the Energetics of Evolution

Upgrade your nervous systems and many

meridians to the new evolutionary frequencies available at this time


Meet in the living intraconnectivity of our shared group heart, a portal for new expressions of Consciousness.

Intraconnection: The connection between something that is

already whole.

Multidimensional Perception

Learn to broaden your subjective awareness beyond the individual to an enhanced unified experience. Perceiving from a plethora of orientations simultaneously, without a sense of separation or preferenceexemplifies  our multidimensional capacity.

Expanding Beyond

Together we are becoming a portal for the future to manifest through us now, for something to be created that has never been before.

Through this shared unity, experience living 

"future" potentials now.

Connect as Community

You are not alone. Connect and engage with nature and beings on a spiritual path. Experience a supportive container where the fullness of you is welcome.

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Experience Shared Unity

For a higher level of consciousness to manifest which elicits both the group genius and calls forth the essential unique brilliance of each participant.

Where becoming deepens our experience of Being, and Being blossoms forth as becoming.  Where our shared unified body magnifies our unique brilliance.


This is the journey we are

embarking upon together. 

Growing Complexity


 "Humans must coalesce into physical relationships and groups that

belong to a higher order" 

Teilhard de Chardin 

Praise & Insights  from offerings with Jessica & Brent

Brent and Jessica are transmitting and offering the messages that we as humanity need to hear - and they do so in a loving, playful, enlivening way.


There have been a few big life changing directions my life has taken and meeting these two has been one of those moments.



During this program you will learn 


  • Discover how to calm and overstimulated nervous system - Exhale, let go and attune to greater spaciousness. Transition from a fight/ flight/ freeze reaction to a state of rest and responsiveness.  When our system feels safe, our perceptive awareness expands.  This expanded perspective allows for creative, new responses, beyond historical reactivity and defense.

  • The Power of Inquiry - 

  • True Listening - We are not separate from Source and within us resounds great wisdom.  Learn how to listen to your own intuitive knowing. Through dyad practices, learn how to truly listen to another.  Through chanting and the silence between the sounds, learn how to listen to Consciousness.

  • Whole Self Presencing -

  • Be with what is - open to and meet whatever is arising

  • Question: expand the quality of the questions you ask to open to possibilities we have yet to know. 


  • Free Your Passion: Transform and liberate your life-force energy that has been stored as self-limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns and reactive emotions.  

  • Expand Self-Love - Cultivate an approach of loving kindness and attune to your inherent worthiness. Embrace your body as a sacred vessel and acknowledge the innate wisdom within.  

  • Together we will grow perceptual and navigational skills, further deepening trust in Self and life. 


  •  Share your gifts more fully. Attune to the blessings of serving and recognize you have something valuable to offer. 

  • Be part of something greater 

  • Stabilize in the ground luminosity, within which all potential resides.

  • Experience destabilization & unraveling as gateways to ever-presence.

  • Free yourself from individual & collective stories & systems of separation.

  • Activate your liberating lens by presencing life's unfolding.

  • Open and meet whatever is arising.

  • Harmonize your nervous system to be a clear vessel through which humanity's unique and unified evolutionary expressions emerge.

Within the sacred container of this 9 month journey, we will engage in a multitude of practices to align mind body and spirit with pure presence as we step into a unified body through the portal of our group heart.


Some of the offerings we will call upon may include: 

We will align mind, body, and spirit with pure presence through

Qi gong Exercises

Chanting, toning, mantra, and sacred sound formulas

Embodiment Practices

The Power of Inquiry

Embody Truth Practices

Energetic Sovereignty Techniques, especially helpful for empaths

Nature walks


Dyads & triads

Group meditations and quality time sitting in stillness

Drum led journeys 

Somatic whole-Self presencing

Group Activations

You will have the opportunity to deepen connection through participating in small groups breakout sessions, dyads, and triads with other participants on the path.

What this course includes: 


Engaging and Experiential day long Immersions

Nine in-person weekend day immersions with two seasoned embodied spirituality teachers and practitioners. 


Community Evenings 

Eight 2 hour virtual evening gatherings with Jessica, Brent and Our Awakening Community. 


Continuing Education 

12 CEUs are available for Massage Therapists. Acupuncture CEUs are also currently being applied for through NCCAOM. 


Class Recordings 

You will receive access to recordings of all day-long and evening classes.

Commune with Nature

Held amidst the serene embrace of nature, you'll have access to acres of scenic trails, tranquil lakes for canoeing, a meditative labyrinth, and at times we will circle 

around an outdoor fire pit.


Meridian Educational Materials

This course will include meridian upgrades and rebalancing as well as the introduction of specific points to further open and expand connectivity through the heart. You will receive handouts for home use and play. 

Special bonus offerings


Monthly Reiki Circle

Reiki nights offered monthly exclusively for Our Awakening School participants by Reiki Master, Amber Jensen of IlYOUmination Coaching and Wellness. 


Meditative Mantra 40 day practice 

Be supported to engage a 40 day spiritual practice with Jessica Rose. 

(includes 6 virtual meetings over the 40 days) 

 Dates & Times

This Powerful 9 Month Program begins October 19, 2024

A Sunday cohort may be added, enrollment dependent, to keep class size small. 

Saturdays: 12-6 PM (in person)

October 19               January 11               April 12                

November 16           February 8               May 10

December 14           March 8                    June 7

4th Mondays: 7-9 PM (virtual)

October 28               January 27               April 28                

November 25           February 24             May 26

December 23           March 24               

What this program asks of you

To receive the fullest experience available to you, commitment to this course requires courage, active presence, surrender to the mystery, embracing your vulnerability and going beyond what has been known so that who we truly are and what we are to become may reveal. 



To be self responsible and able to attend to your own reactions and not make it about others.

Divininization Drive


Awakening excites you and our shared awake humanity in harmony calls to you!



A desire to be part of something greater than yourself by deepening in community and connectivity.

Curiosity and Willingness


A willingness to ask questions that inquire into the truth of who we are, and as a doorway to the truth of who we may become.

Willing to surrender the known and open to the evolutionary potentials calling us home to a new humanity.

A Readiness to go Beyond

the "me" Story


You are ready to go beyond the stories of your individual trauma and past. You know there is more to like than working on your personal stuff for the rest of it. 


You are ready to show up for yourself, for each other, and for our shared group heart. 

Your presence and the quality of your presence matters.

Program Tuition 

Sliding Scale Tuition                     Paid in full: $2300-3100 (by October 5)

Payment Options:                          Monthly plan: $288-388 for 8 months (October to May)

                                                              Tuition is due by the 5th of each month


Deposit:                                             A non-refundable enrollment tuition deposit of $350 reserves                                                               your place in the program.*

Financial Assistance:                     Need an alternative payment plan, contact us with a


                                                              If called to attend and require a different exchange to do so

                                                              please contact us with a proposal. 

                                                             One partial work exchange is available for each cohort. 

Family Special:                               If two people from the same household attend,

                                                             the sliding scale for the 2nd person is $144-$388.


Cancellation Policy:                     Once the program begins, you are committed to pay the

                                                             full tuition.**

*We have already begun working with the energetics of the forming group and that will continue to deepen and refine as enrollment begins. 

**There are limited spaces in this program, and once it begins, no participants are allowed to join. The intimate nature of this allows us to develop deep trust and a safe container together. The program demands a high level of commitment, opening the door for the full potential of our becoming together.

It is important for participants to be fully committed to the entire program and plan ahead to make space and time for it during the nine-month period. That said, Jessica and Brent recognize that abrupt, significant life changes can occur, and we will work with any participant in such a situation to make the best decision under the new circumstances.


Step 1: Submit Your Application

Once your application has been received and reviewed, you may be asked to schedule a phone check-in with Jessica or Brent if more information is needed.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis.

Step 2: Enroll in the Program

Upon your application being accepted, you will receive an email from us inviting you to enroll in the program by completing and signing an Enrolment Agreement and making a tuition deposit to hold your place. 

Meet Jessica

Meet Brent & Jessica


Facilitate by long time embodied spirituality teachers and healing arts practitioners, Brent Swift. L.Ac and Dr. Jessica Rose, D.C. They have shared the last 15 years teaching, working, playing, serving and
exploring Undiminishable Love.

Learn more about Brent here and Jessica here



Experience the blessing of coming together as spiritual community.  

Day long gatherings will be at Gwinwood Retreat Center.

Enjoy forest bathing, meditative labyrinth walks, or simply being upon

these 29 sacred acres with a peaceful lakeside setting. 

Less than 15 minutes from Olympia, this retreat center promotes spiritual well-being

and wholeness for groups and individuals in connection with nature.

6015 30th Ave SE

Lacey, WA 98503

References & Inspirations

IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity and Belonging by Daniel J. Siegel

Interconnection: The connection between separate parts

Intraconnection: The connection between something that is already whole.

Intra-action: coined by physicist and philosopher Karen Barad within the framework of agential realism, her broader theory of relational ontology.

Interaction: the existence of separate entities that come together to affect each other.

Intra-action: entities do not preexist their relational entanglement. Instead, entities emerge through their relational dynamics. 

Barad's concept highlights the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, suggesting that entities and their properties are not independent but are defined through their intra-actions. This challenges traditional notions of individuality and separateness, emphasizing instead a world where beings and phenomena are co-constituted and interdependent.

In Unilocality All Forms Exist Within One Another

The Freedom Vehicle makes it possible to have these types of unity experiences – we call them experiences of unilocal unity, or unilocality – with another person, a group, or the whole universe. Unilocality is the view of reality related to a nothingness that has no sense of space, extension or distance. The experience of being in union in this nondimensional nothingness is unilocal unity. It can arise as the experience of two or more individuals sharing the same location often experienced as being inside each other. Unilocality is neither dual nor nondual. We are not talking here about an ocean of consciousness that unites all forms as they arise within it – the nonduality of the boundless dimensions; nor is it dual, when individual forms are separate and relating spatially. In unilocality, all forms exist within one another.


The Jeweled Path, pg. 296 A.H. Almaas

Evolutionary Collective - Patricia Albere

Illuminated Love Oracle

Thomas Hubl

Bayo Akomalafe 

Charles Eisenstein: The More Beautiful World Our Hearts know is possible and other works

Gangaji - non duality

9th evolutionary wave

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