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Embodied Brilliance 

I am so grateful you are here! There is a great unraveling in our world and we feel the impact in our bodies and beings. We have the choice to utilize the momentum of these unprecedented times to empower our personal, as well as our collective, healing and evolution. 

Opening to our changing lives, bodies, and world, is a gateway to experience the stability of that which remains unchanged, "our ground of being". 


As we navigate the great unraveling in our world, felt in our bodies and beings,  I am honored to support you to:

Welcome Home

  • Stabilize in the ground of being, within which all potential resides.

  • Experience destabilization & unraveling as gateways to ever-presence.

  • Free yourself from conditioning, limiting beliefs and stories of separation.

  • Be present to meet what ever is arising in with your body, emotions and life.

  • Harmonize your nervous system and body to be a clear vessel through which humanity's unique and unified evolutionary expressions emerge.

In gratitude for your courageous heart, Jessica  

New Class Offerings:

"To be around Dr. Jessica Rose is an experience of joy, passion, 

unconditional love; and permission to be yourself, just as you are.

This is the person who can go into a fire with anyone and help them feel held,

resourced and able to face one's healing/ growth edges." Lawrence S. Conlin, D.C., N.D. 

Once you start approaching your body with curiosity
rather than with fear, everything shifts. B. Van Der Kolk

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