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Dr. Jessica Rose is a Visionary, Embodied Spirituality Teacher, Chiropractor, Mother and Sacred Musician. For the last two decades, Jessica has inspired and empowered others through facilitating mindfulness and embodied spirituality workshops and retreats in the US and internationally. She has co-founded multiple flourishing, inter-disciplinary healing arts centers, a two-year embodied awakening school and recurrent sacred music and kirtan gatherings. Based in Olympia, WA since 2004, she serves her private practice and mentors holistic healthcare practitioners both locally and remotely.

 A Fire for Truth: A childhood immersed in goddess, earth-based and shamanic traditions fueled Jessica’s quest for Ultimate Truth which led to a profound awakening in her late 20’s to the true unified nature of All. As weeks passed, some of the painful veils to truth returned, only further impassioning her devotion to fully embody the Feminine and be a living transmission of awake consciousness in~form.


Unveiling our True Brilliance: Devotion propelled inquiry into the many facets of our essential nature. This process cultivated the presence and skills to unravel unconscious belief systems, patriarchal conditioning, somatic defense posturing, nervous system hyper-reactivity and the traumatic collective, ancestral and cellular patterns that diminish the flow of our life force. Adventures, experiences and learning in the realms of mysticism, spirituality as a way of life and the healing arts influence her offerings as a multifaceted embodiment facilitator, doctor and teacher. She is fluent in chiropractic and many energetic modalities including and not limited to Neuro Emotional Technique, Network Spinal Analysis, Psych K and Kinesiology. Jessica supports clients and students to bridge heart, mind, body and spirit, as she serves as a bridge between the worlds supporting intergeneration and multidimensional healing, perspectives and awareness.  

There is Nothing more Powerful than the Vulnerability of an Open Heart. Jessica embodies a true sweetness and full-hearted love that empowers others to courageously engage whatever is arising, allowing the light of their own loving awareness to set them free. Her artistry in music, healing, writing and teaching entrains individuals to actualize their humanity and divinity.

Spirit and Sound: Jessica's first intentional shamanic journey was guided by the drum and her mother at age 7. This would be a rite of passage, marking the beginning of a life of shamanic initiations and trainings both in this world and beyond. Deep bows. Blessed to study with Tibetan monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery at age 16, her love of mantra began. In 2009 a spontaneous awakening of voice occurred 

while offering a session and she has been utilizing sound healing in private practice ever since. A series of synchronicities propelled her musicianship forward with voice, flute and harmonium, and a few years later Kiss the Bliss, her band's first album emerged. Jessica has studied with many sacred musicians and is humbled and honored to have the Sacred Sound move through her and be a Beloved Teacher. This sacred relationship created Sound the Awakener, a course designed to support participants to attune heart, mind and body to the Essential Sound.

Global Citizen: The guidance was clear in 2012 that it was time to serve her global community in a more direct capacity, and this propelled a seven month journey of service in small villages and clinics through out Central America. It is from these people that she truly learned how to live a heart centered life. Jessica is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel and learn from many sacred lands she has stood upon and for the amazing teachers in her life including the ones she has studied from. 


Community: As an active member of her co-housing community, Jessica regularly marvels at the blessing of truly living as a village. She has served locally on the board of a non-profit, Empowerment for Girls and co-developed the Conscious Minds, Conscious Bodies Sex-education curriculum. She feels incredibly blessed by this precious life, her beautiful practice, and to be the mother of her extraordinary teenage son.

Jessica loves and is devoted to the one in all

and desires for everyone to know themselves as this preciousness.

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