Meet Jessica

Dr. Jessica Rose is a visionary and chiropractor with a passion for Embodying Truth. This passion has inspired many learning adventures in Life, spirituality and the healing arts. Jessica's private practice, since 2004 in Olympia, WA, focuses on embodied transformation and awakening. As a multifaceted healing facilitator and doctor, she is fluent in chiropractic and many energetic modalities including and not limited to Neuro Emotional Technique, Network Spinal Analysis, Kinesiology and SomatoRespiratory Integration. Her heart-centered approach supports clients to engage whatever is arising, with a sense of kindness and curiosity. This allows for the exploration and experience of new embodied expressions and ways of being. Jessica's presence creates an opportunity for a clear reflection of one's own inner wisdom and truth, as she serves as a guide on the evolutionary healing journey.  

Jessica has been teaching embodied spirituality over the last two decades, originating with shamanic practices, which she began learning at age 7 and more recently as a co-founder of Awakening to Wholeness, the school of embodied energetics and as a co-creator of a year-long course called the Beloved Teachings. Jessica was an original co-founder of Heart of Wellness in Tumwater, WA, which carries on in its new incarnation. 


Jessica's mantra practice commenced at age 16 when she was blessed to study with Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery. and in 2009, she began utilizing sound healing in private practice after a spontaneous awakening of voice occurred while offering a session. Her love of the Divine expressing through music inspired her to begin playing the flute and harmonium in 2013. Since then she has created a CD with her band, the Holy Oly Girls, and co-created Sounds of the Sacred, a kirtan offering at Unity of Olympia.  She is humbled and honored to have sound move through her and exalts the Sacred Sound as a Beloved Teacher. 

Jessica's strong sense of adventure and devotion to truth have inspired world travels, including a seven month journey of service to Central America in 2013; and lead her to study with many amazing teachers, to whom she is deeply grateful. 


Jessica deeply values community and is grateful to live in co-housing. She has served locally on the board of a non-profit, Empowerment for Girls and co-developed the Conscious Minds, Conscious Bodies curriculum. She feels incredibly blessed by this precious life and to be the mother of her extraordinary teenage son.

Jessica loves and is devoted to the one in all

and desires for everyone to know themselves as this preciousness.