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"Dr. Rose has one of the most open, tender hearts, and concurrently one of the strongest, most courageous, and grounded hearts. She is wise beyond her years in great measure. Her capacity to hold great tenderness and compassion for herself at the same time as "other" is a model of how a true human and healer can be. She sees and feels deeply into a soul and teaches through example and her presence alone.  She has great skills that cannot be learned in any school other than lifetimes of true seeking." 

Lawrence S. Conlin, D.C., N.D. 

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It is so hard to put into words how blessed I am to have you in my life!  Your talents are truly indescribable and experiencing the depth of what you offer is beyond words.  

Amber J., Olympia, WA

For me, working individually with Jessica has been completely Life Altering.

Panic and anxiety don't run the same routes through me that they have since I've been on this earth.

-My cervical spine has shifted astronomically.  I don't experience the chronic pain I had for 10+ years.

On a deeper level, I trust myself and the universe; I have a sense of belonging that runs deep and unquestionably; my self is more myself; I am carrying mountains less of other people's stories. These gifts and more, I've received from working with Jessica Rose through tuning into my spine and embodied practices.

Jessica's presence is gentle and strong. I trust her boundaries. I learn deeply just from being in her presence. Jessica listens to what is needed and follows; I know truly that she is with me and my experience and is following what is needed. She never tells my body/system what to do. I have learned to listen to and follow the needs of my body through experiencing this with Jessica Rose.


Through this new way of being with myself, worlds of love, relief, compassion, and ease have entered my life and I am forever grateful.

Clementine, LMP, Portland, OR


Jessica is one of the most inspiring, magical beings I’ve ever met on this planet. Every time she comes into my life, I feel this deepening shift into another realm where it becomes crystal clear about what is important in life.  If I was walking through hell, or some equivalent challenging journey, she would be the person I would want by my side.  She has so many resources for supporting people on their journeys.  She came here to do big work on this planet.

                                                                Dr. K. M.

Jessica is, in a word, magical.

She has a sweetness and a heart so full of love that she shines.

When we are in sessions, I trust in her completely; she’s fully present and supportive.  She has taken me to very deep places

and experiences for exploration and transformation. Whether in session or conversation, she sets examples for being. She lives from love and from light and shares that in every moment.  She also has an amazing sense of humor that is both gentle and bold. I am so blessed and grateful to have her as part of my journey.

Sheri H., Olympia, WA

Your pure joy and passion for music, sound and connecting to the divine, coupled with your amazing ability to teach with grace and such love for others, made it a really beautiful, rich experience for me.                                                              Krista L., Olympia, WA

Jessica Rose is an amazing practitioner and teacher.  I’ve been seeing her for several years and am awed at the amount and depth of work she’s been able to help me achieve.  Her expertise in so many treatment techniques allows for a rich experience and full healing to occur. Her ability to offer support while allowing me to be present and attune to my own needs is a gift I haven’t encountered with other providers. 


More recently I’ve been fortunate to take a class and experience her as a teacher, where her abilities continue to shine.  She is engaging and is able to walk students through techniques and information, allowing each student their own experience and opportunity to express themselves in their own way.


What I’ve come to realize is that as a patient she was teaching me all along, and now as a student I am able to take what I’ve learned and start to apply these techniques and insights to other aspects and people in my life. I am very blessed to have such a talented provider and teacher to help me on this journey!

A.J., Olympia, WA

Dr. Rose casts an intuitive, nurturing spirit upon her practice. Her sensitive touch guides an easy natural healing. Her inspired work with me has enriched my life. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Rose for this wonderous unfolding. She is truly a gifted practitioner!

Phyllis, Olympia, Age 71

Jessica's work is unlike any chiropractic physician I have seen. It is hard to describe the work she does, and I can say it works from a deep place, helping you understand your body and how to better communicate with it. The techniques are very gentle, effective, and POWERFUL, at helping align the body.

J.A., Olympia, WA

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