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"Jessica Rose holds a container like a Queen. I trust her implicitly to be listening, bridging the world seen and unseen and teaching from that place.
In class with Jessica, it is easeful to come home to my heart, my experiences and be with my vulnerabilities. She skillfully holds us all and each of us individually.

Jessica is wise and a true conduit. Being in her presence is a gift to my whole system all on its own; before she even says anything." 
                                                                                                    Clementine, LMT, Portland, OR

Praises & Insights

"More connected feeling of one with all." K.F., Olympia, WA

"The Unconditional Love, kindness and welcoming make all things possible.  Beauty was everywhere in each class which helped things to blossom." Heather Kazda, Olympia, Wa 

"Your pure joy and passion for music, sound and connecting to the divine, coupled with your amazing ability to teach with grace and such love for others, made it a really beautiful, rich experience for me." Krista L., Olympia, WA

"The support of the sound carried me through an enormously challenging period and provided a container of self care and self-love." Diane Ryon, Olympia, WA

"Increased awareness of my own body, my energetic field, and the empathic sensations of others and the natural world."  C.L., Olympia, WA

"Regular practice is a potent form of self-love." Lisa, Lacey, WA

"This added a dimension to my life and my death.  I feel my aliveness and mortality more now." C.S., Portland, OR


"The way it resonates and reverberates within me is amazing. It/ you helped me find my voice." Olympia, WA 


I bow in deep gratitude to all of the supports, seen and
unseen, that serve the beauty of these offerings.
 May this benefit the Heart of All.  

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