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Embody the Divine

Feminine & Masculine

Sound the Awakener

 Sunday, October 28 from 1-5

How you show up in the world makes a difference!

Your unique gifts are needed on the planet right now!

Come and attune your heart, mind and body to the Essential Sound that helps us remember the truth of who we are. 

Introducing a new 4-hour version of Sound the Awakener Sunday, October 28 (optional potluck to follow). 

Explore the embodiment of the divine feminine and the divine masculine and connect to the unified presence that expresses as All.

Engage in practices to support belief and emotional repatterining, allowing us to more deeply embody the masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

The Sacred Sound will be our guide, we will chant, primarily in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, to vibrate these aspects awake within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Through this internal harmonization, we energize this paradigm shift for our world as well.

Exchange: sliding scale of $88-111 (if this is not realistic for you, please contact me with a different proposal)
Reserve your space by emailing:

I am chanting daily with great joy in preparation for this offering. If you are drawn, I am honored to take this journey together. 

In heart,

Praise & Insights  from Sound the Awakener Participants

"More connected feeling of one with all." ~K.F., Olympia, WA

"The Unconditional Love, kindness and welcoming make all things possible.  Beauty was everywhere in each class which helped things to blossom." Heather Kazda, Olympia, Wa 

"Your pure joy and passion for music, sound and connecting to the divine, coupled with your amazing ability to teach with grace and such love for others, made it a really beautiful, rich experience for me." Krista L., Olympia, WA

"The support of the sound carried me through an enormously challenging period and provided a container of self care and self love." Diane Ryon, Olympia, WA

"Increased awareness of my own body, my energetic field, and the empathic sensations of others and the natural world."  C.L., Olympia, WA

"Regular practice is a potent form of self love." Lisa, Lacey, WA

"This added a dimension to my life and my death.  I feel my aliveness and mortality more now." C.S., Portland, OR


"The way it resonates and reverberates with in me is amazing. It/ you helped me find my voice." Olympia, WA 

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