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Hello!  I am so grateful you are here. These Evolutionary Attunement videos passionately emerged, allowing me to serve beyond any limitations of time and space, and are inspired by and dedicated to You, and all who I have had the honor to serve through private practice, embodied spirituality teachings and facilitating group transformation processes. When engaged fully, these Evolutionary Attunements can be a gentle tune up as well as a powerful force for individual and collective transformation and awakening. 

Through this process of self-care, self-love and evolutionary empowerment, you can meet the truth that which has been hidden in the shadows and allow it to be held in the liberating light of your own loving presence.

If you are new to my work, please view the Introductory Video first to orient you to this process. I invite you to create uninterrupted space to engage these 6-12 minute self-attunements.

From my heart to yours, Jessica 


Technical Note: the sound quality evolves over the course of the videos

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