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Infinite Possibilities

Begins Monday, April 15


Attune your heart, mind and body to the essential sound and silence, remembering the truth of who we are. 

Gather together as an online community seven times over the course of 40-days to learn, practice and grow. 


Practice 30 minutes of meditative mantra everyday for 40 days. If that does not feel realistic, even 8 minutes per day can be beneficial.

Chant two simple mantras in Sanskrit to vibrate awake the space of infinite possibilities within ourselves and the world.

Energize you life with this daily spiritual practice.

Let us come together to uplift ourselves, one another and humanity through sacred practice.

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Dates & Times (Pacific Time)

Monday, April 15, 11:30 am - 1 pm

Monday, April 22, 12 - 1pm

Monday, April 29, 12 - 1pm

Monday, May 6, 12 - 1pm

Monday, May 13, 12 - 1pm

Monday, May 20, 12 - 1pm

Friday, May 24, 12 - 1pm

Praise & Insights 

"More connected feeling of one with all." ~K.F., Olympia, WA

"Your pure joy and passion for music, sound and connecting to the divine, coupled with your amazing ability to teach with grace and such love for others, made it a really beautiful, rich experience for me." Krista L., Olympia, WA

"The support of the sound carried me through an enormously challenging period and provided a container of self care and self love." Diane Ryon, Olympia, WA

"Regular practice is a potent form of self love." Lisa, Lacey, WA

"This added a dimension to my life and my death.  I feel my aliveness and mortality more now." C.S., Portland, OR
"The way it resonates and reverberates with in me is amazing. It/ you helped me find my voice." Olympia, WA 


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