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Community Offerings

Guest Lecturer - Evergreen State College


December 2021

"Dr. Jessica Rose did a great workshop on Healing for students of Arts and the Child course at the Evergreen State College. Through simple exercises and meditation Jessica Rose taught us how to find authenticity and personal power. I was amazed that Dr Rose could not only lead a large class of over 30 students but was also able to listen and help individual students. Great workshop!"  (Hirsh Diamant, PhD, Member of the Faculty, The Evergreen State College)  



Energetic Sovereignty Class


November, 23 2021

Includes Tools and Teaching to:

  • Embody and maintain energetic sovereignty by filling up with your energy, rather than try to keep other energies out.

  • Support empaths to navigate the world with more ease. 

  • Recognize what your energy feels like without the influence of others. 

  • Rewrite outdated models of energetic protection. 

  • Have increased clarity about what is your energy, emotions or experience, and what is anothers. 

  • Reclaim your power and your space. 

  • Learn how to use self love and play as profound allies to navigate denser frequencies. 


When we embody our authentic individuation, we are sovereign.

This elicits natural borders and boundaries, while simultaneously

affirming we are a part of the indivisible whole.             

Excerpt from Our Embodied Brilliance, Jessica's upcoming book   




Guest Teacher - Empowerment 4 Girls Camps


2016 - 2021


Focusing on self love, mindfulness empowerment, ritual and embodiment

Conscious Minds – Conscious Bodies™ curriculum co-developer




An Embodied Exploration of

My Grand Mother's Hands

by: Resmaa Menakem


July 28, 2020



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