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Unchain Your Brain


Tools to Free Your Full Potential

with  Jessica Rose & Brent Swift

April 21, 2018

from 10-5


LOCATION: We are delighted to be at Heart of Wellness in Olympia, WA. 


CLASS EXCHANGE: Sliding Scale: $175-$225 

Science shows that the energy of our thoughts directly impacts our reality. This course will support the cultivation of conscious awareness of your thoughts and empower you to utilize this potent life force energy in the direction you desire. You will learn tools to work with and transform old conditioned responses and patterning. 


This experiential brain re-patterning workshop can further support you if you have experienced: 
~Repetitive mental/emotional patterns and compulsions
~Chemical Sensitivity 
~Chronic Fatigue 
~Chronic fight or flight response 
~that your body reacts more strongly to stimulus than others

This workshop will teach you a new and effective re-patterning process. This process has been inspired by and evolved from multiple processes that have been integral in Brent's healing journey.

You will Learn:
~Processes to resolve cross wiring from past experience, exposure or trauma
~How to "re-wire" your brain to present moment reality
~Supports to help you fully engage in life again
~Tools and a protocol to help your brain recognize the truth about stimulus in your current surroundings

Many people experience changes within days or hours of starting the process and FOR LONG TERM EFFECTIVENESS, THIS HAS TO BE PRACTICED AND APPLIED TO YOUR LIFE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS.

The tools are easy to learn and can even be fun. Actually the more fun you make it, the more it will support the transformation. So come and join us in the exploration into the recess of our minds.

Questions? Please contact Brent at 

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