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BEMER Vascular Therapy

Due to changes in our office wth Covid-19, at this time, we are no longer offering BEMER sessions. Please contact Amber Jenson to explore other options that she may have available.  



What does BEMER support?

Blood flow 

Nutrient and oxygen supply to tissues

Cellular detox

Cardiac function

Endurance and physical fitness

Enhances energy and strength

Stress reduction and relaxation

Enhances concentration and mental acuity

What are BEMER sessions like?

During a session, you are fully clothed and laying down on the BEMER mat for approximately 8-16 minutes. BEMER supports circulation and many of us are unaware of the blood flow through our bodies so some people may feel tingling or relaxation while others feel very little.


Financial Exchange:

Initial Intro and BEMER session with Amber - approx. 60 minutes - Complimentary

Follow up BEMER sessions - approx.15 - 20 minutes - the exchange is $25

BEMER is most effective when used consistently. Session packages are designed for weekly use and expire 30 days following the intended completion date. (Eg. You would have 5 weeks plus 30 days to use a 5 session package)

Session Packages Available:

5 Session package - $115 ($10 savings)

8 Session package - $175 ($25 Savings)

10 Session package - $200 ($50 savings)

Payment may be made by cash or check at the time of service.











Directions: 324 West Bay Drive, Suite 101, Olympia, WA, 98502  


After exiting the roundabout onto West Bay Drive, it is the 3rd building on the right. There is parking on the street and in the lot in front of the building.  When you enter the building, go down the stairs; at the bottom, turn left 180 degrees. The door to our suite is at the end of the hallway and will be facing you with a large salt lamp beside it. Please come in and help yourself to water or tea and make yourself comfortable.  Amber will be there to greet you shortly.





Want to know more about BEMER? CLICK HERE


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