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Equinox Blessings

This is a sacred day to honor and celebrate the balance and harmony of divine feminine and divine masculine, light and dark, day and night, sun and moon, yin and yang. The earth whispers an invitation to savor the completion, the harvest; and simultaneously open in celebration to the new potentials of this autumnal exhale.

May the beauty of this day nourish your being in every way and with this next breath, I invite you to attune to the dynamic dance of creation; the inhale and exhale, the expansion and contraction birthing you a new in every moment, as the magnificent play of light that is so uniquely and perfectly you!

And if you are moved to contemplate...

What am I savoring from the harvest/completion of this year?

What are the new potentials that I am celebrating and aligning with as I enter the creative power of the dark season?

Thanks for joining me in the adventure of writing and sharing my first blog! In celebration of this new beginning!

In love and deep gratitude,


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