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Say "yes" to life

Begin trusting life as a teacher and everything as an expression of Source. When we cease battling ourselves and our current reality, peaceful new ways of being appear. 

Expand Self-Love

Cultivate an approach of loving kindness and attune to your inherent worthiness. Embrace your body as a sacred vessel and acknowledge the innate wisdom within.  

Self - Empowerment

Free Your Passion

Transform and liberate your life-force energy that has been stored as self-limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns and reactive emotions. 

Calm an over-stimulated nervous system

 Exhale, let go and attune to greater spaciousness. Transition from a fight/ flight/ freeze reaction to a state of rest and responsiveness.  When our system feels safe, our perceptive awareness expands.  This expanded perspective allows for creative, new responses, beyond historical reactivity and defense.

Embody your potential

Vibrate specific frequencies in your body.  As you vibrate this within, you naturally transmit out and attract that frequency to you. 


 When our spine is aligned and our innate life force is flowing thru, there is a light, a shine.  This flow of life allows us to share your gifts more fully. Attune to the blessings of serving and recognize you have something valuable to offer. 

Learn to Listen

 We are not separate from Source and within us resounds great wisdom.  Learn how to listen to your own body wisdom and intuitive knowing.

Create change with ease

"Endless LOVE without beginning made you sing." 


This care can lead to fundamental changes in life-style and your perception of the world. ~J.R.


Embody Brilliance and Heart-Centered Alignment

Private sessions are tailored to support each individual's evolution, awakening, embodiment and optimal expression of wholeness. This holistic approach addresses spiritual, emotional, biochemical and physical levels.  

Many years of practice, I have witnessed how the body operates in accordance with our values, truths, and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.  I am honored to witness and listen to your body and support you to learn how to do the same by offering your kind attention to what ever is arising in your body and being. This approach supports parasympathetic (resting) functions and systemic self regulation, as the body moves into a sense of safety allowing for increased physiological awareness and an ability to self reflect and witness.  When the battles ceases within us, without attachment to our history and in alignment to life as it is, we are no longer run by our survival reflexes (sympathetic dominance/ fight or flight) and can access higher brain centers which allow our system to naturally heal, re-organize and evolve.


You are already whole.  You are already awake.  This work supports you to access and experience this truth. 

Dr. Rose offers sessions tailored to support individuals on their journey of embodiment, evolution and awakening.

To schedule, please call 360-789-3134 or click here.

We integrate through our nervous system. When our bodies reject or have a hard time integrating a certain experiences or levels of elevation, our system expresses subluxation. When we are subluxated, our lifeforce [prana, qi] is compromised and the effect is an alteration in global tone, rhythm, and function.

Descriptions & The Nature of Sessions:

Private Individual sessions 

Exchange: Initial visit $150 (1.5 hrs), Follow up well~being visits $120 (1 hr)

Techniques may include: Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), NeuroEmotional Technique(NET), Activator, Arthrostim, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), Applied Kinesiology, SomatoRespiratory Integration, nutritional consultation, wellness education. mindfulness practices, emotional/belief/limbic system re-patterning, somatic awareness practices and self-presencing.  Structural attunement is also supported thru the use of tuning forks and singing bowls.  Sessions may be seated or on the table. 

Group Network Spinal Analysis Entrainments (Adjustments), with 2 tables 

Exchange: $50 (20-35 min.)

consists of gentle spinal contacts that support increased brain/body communication and new sensory

motor strategies. Entrainments assist in neuromuscular re-education, which may elicit; increased somatic

(body) awareness, more effective responses to bodily cues and stress, more efficient function and

postural re-organization.

Phone Sessions 

Exchange: $120 (1hr)

These sessions are intentionally designed to bring your awareness to present moment consciousness. We may specifically address thoughts, beliefs, traumas and toxins that keep the nervous system anchored in past conditions.  Phone sessions are an opportunity to experience the power of transformation thru a more yin/feminine approach, which highlights being to doing. Phone session may include somatic presencing and awareness practices, emotional and belief system re-patterning, energy work, nutritional consultation, and creating self care supports. 


Serving your Community: An Evolutionary Leap!

I am available to travel to your community and teach weekend and daylong courses as well as offer individual sessions.  This can be an incredible way for a individuals, groups and practitioners and their practices to take an evolutionary leap.  Find out more here

It is common for people receiving care in this practice to experience: increased life energy, a wider range

of motion and emotion, increased adaptability to stress, new effective healing and life strategies,

enhanced body/postural awareness, well-being, deeper breathing, self-empowerment, amplified body-mind

communication and the cultivation of self compassion and self love.

Serving your Community: An Evolutionary Leap!

I am available to travel to your community and teach weekend and daylong courses as well as offer individual sessions.  This can be an incredible way for individuals, groups and practitioners and their practices to take an evolutionary leap.  To find out more, please contact Dr. Jessica directly at 360-789-3134. 

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